If you are planning to apply for the post of Human Resource Assistant job in India then you must know the HR assistant job duties and responsibilities.
Group discussions are the best way to improve communication skills, gain confidence and knowledge.
Group discussions for school students and college goers have become an integral part of learning because they not only help students expand their knowledge but also add on to their confidence levels.
Donít forget to appreciate and wish your employees on Employee Appreciation Day which falls on the first Friday in the month of March every year.
Employee Appreciation Day is a special day to appreciate the good job done by employees. Celebrated every year on the first Friday of March.
#MeToo movement in India and abroad has completely chanced the society and also the workplace. Since #MeToo movement has appeared in the headlines, the way sexual misconduct is handled has completely changed.
we have come up with Employee Death Benefits Letter sample to help you have an easy to use death claim letter format.
We all know that smoking is injurious to health and most of the organizations do not supporting smoking or consuming tobacco in office premises.
If you have got a better job opportunity but then there is long notice period at work which can be a big obstacle for you. In such a situation, writing a formal letter requesting early release from notice period can be of good help.
The purpose of writing announcement of staff meeting is to inform everyone about the meeting. You can use the sample of circular for staff meeting as mandatory staff meeting notice to share the schedule of meeting.