Thatís the reason that each and every company should have a social media policy for employees. By sharing social media guidelines for employees, a company can clearly state what is expected of employees while using social media as it can have an effect on the company.
The internship appointment letter template is used for formally confirming the position of internship. The idea behind using a paid internship appointment letter format is not only to confirm the internship but also share the other information with the intern in relation with the program.
There are many instances wherein candidates have submitted fake experience certificates for job. This has certainly given the HR personnel a tough time to find out whether it is a real or fake experience certificate.
In recent times, social media has become an inseparable part of our lives and therefore, has influenced our lives in so many ways.
Though communication on different social medias like WhatsApp, Facebook have become quite common in recent times, it is still not considered to be a formal mode of communication in the professional world.
we have compiled the important interview questions for digital marketing. These are a mix of interview questions for freshers as well as interview questions for experienced.
Though there is a lot of ambiguity and debate surrounding the availability of COVID-19 vaccine for the common people but whenever, it happens, we must be prepared for it.
It is very important to follow the right people to have the right direction in your career. Though there are many HR leaders on LinkedIn but which one to follow is an important thing to consider.
We bring to you the best options for video interview recruitment in India. Browse through these best video interviewing platforms in India that make recruiting so much easier and convenient.
Work from home may not be a popular work format for many companies but there are many situations under which an employment can submit request letter for work from home.