Offer letter is a formal confirmation that you have received the job and it always makes you happy. If you have received an offer letter then your appointment letter will soon follow it.
Good employees are like assets for organizations and they donít let them leave so easily. So, if you also in need of change of place of working then all you need to do is write a request letter for transfer to another branch or city.
Sometimes due to personal reasons, you have to manage your office timings. But to do that, you have to write a formal duty time change letter to your boss.
Employee verification is an important process before finally recruiting any person in the company. For this, you can submit a request for employee verification to the company where the employee is presently working or has worked in near future.
For any company to be successful, team building is a must. Thatís the reason companies organize team lunch, dinner parties, cricket, holidays etc. to bring the team closer.
Companies organize regular office parties as a part of team building. Some companies call for annual formal parties to bring close the colleagues, management and other staff.
If the employee is not performing up to the expected levels then the Manager has all the rights to ask for employee replacement by writing a formal letter of request to the senior or the HR Manager of the company.
Being the HR Manager of your company, you are the one who needs to send various letters in relation with recruitment like Appointment Letter for Internship Trainee and selected candidates, Job Offer Letter With Probationary Period etc.
Apology letters are extremely important in a professional setting because they help you have sound formal relationships with your clients and business associates when your employees or your Company has mistakenly committed some errors.
Business appointments are to be taken very seriously. And in case you have to cancel a business meeting because of some unavoidable circumstances then in that case you must inform