One of the most common questions we all are asked during our interviews is about our strengths and weaknesses.
Career is of utmost importance to all of us and to make it shine bright, we work hard to have a well developed country. But sometimes we might just ending up ruining it all with one wrong move.
Whenever we go for an interview, we are always keen on knowing the skills that are important for getting selected.
Transfer letters are formal letters that are written in order to submit a written request to your employer for transferring you within the organization to some different location. Usually such letters are addressed to the Human Resource Department or to the head of your department or to your boss.
We all work hard for making our job search process a success but despite the best of our efforts, we are not always rewarded with what we had expected. We must not forget that the competition in the market is very high and you need to give your best in order to make your job search a rewarding experience.
Find out about important things that you must never wear to a job interview in order to mark the right impression.
Being the HR or the Manager of your company, when some of your employee is leaving the organization, you must share this information with other staff members by writing a formal email
When you are applying for a job, while submitting your resume, it is extremely important that you also write a formal cover letter with it. If you are applying for a job through a Recruitment Consultant then you must invest some time in drafting a professional cover letter
FOnce you have completed one year with your company, it is time to write a request for increment to your HR Manager. If you donít know how to draft a formal salary increment letter to the management on completion of one year then given below is a wonderful format
Sometimes dues to various reasons, being the HR Manager of your company, you might have to cancel the increment of one of your employees.