Canteen in a company premises have been part of formal as well as informal discussions over coffee, tea or snacks.
Promotions and bonuses are always a welcome note for the employees. It is the answer to their sheer hard work that has been put in the work procedures to add growth blocks to the company.
Notification letter to inform about an event to the head of the departments is always meant to inform about the special events or proceedings taking place in the company.
Job interview is an important step to get into a dream company with lucrative salary. Of course, everyone comes prepared for the expected possible questions with smart answers.
Usually companies include the clause of notice period in their offer letters. The purpose of including notice period is to get some transition time so that when the employee leaves, the work that was handled by him could be handed over to someone else.
Employees always long for appreciation from their company. It infuses them with high energies and excitement to work harder as their company acknowledges their contribution.
If the employees of your company have submitted the request for a team outing and the management has agreed to their request then in that case, the company is suppose to write a formal memo to inform staff company trip.
Sometimes companies announce special leaves but then they sometimes plan to discontinue it for some reasons. In such a situation, company is suppose to write a formal letter of announcement mentioning about discontinuing of special leaves.
Many companies appoint their commission based agents who act as the link between the vendors and the buyers.
Companies often receive letter of request for return of goods. Customers use purchase return letter format to submit their request for exchange or return of goods as they did not meet their expectations.